Katadyn 40E

12 or 24 volts DC

RELIABLE Water Supplies

The Power Survivor 40E allows you to cruise further and stay longer without worrying about your water supply. And has the added feature of being Manually operated if necessary,

 The ONLY one in the World.

 Simply remove 4 motor fixing bolts and fit Handle. (Supplied)

With this superb machine there are no foreseeable circumstances when you cannot make water.

And, it comes with a 3 year warranty

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Compact:   Extraordinarily compact, the 40E can be installed in the nooks and crannies otherwise unusable in many yachts.

Simple:  The 40E contains 40% fewer parts than its popular predecessor, the PowerSurvivor-35. Simplified construction and rugged design make the 40E remarkably easy to install, operate and maintain, and needs no specialist knowledge.

Efficient:  No other watermaker draws so few amps. Using only 4 amps it can run for extended periods of time on alternate powers alone Super Quiet and Gentle.

Durable: Rock solid and built to last. The heart of the 40E is the rugged stainless high-pressure pump. Armed for the rigors of the marine environment, this watermaker is built to last. We're so certain, we've covered it with a superior warranty: 3 years on most components. 


Power Requirements

12-volts DC(draws 4 amps)
24-volts DC (draws 3 amps)

Water Production

1.5 gallons (5.7 liters an hour)


25 lbs. (11.33 kg)

Dimensions: Pump

Height: 6.75" (17.15 cm)
Length: 16.5" (41.91 cm)
Width: 15.5" (39.37 cm)

Pre-treatment Filter

Length: 12" (30.48 cm)
Diameter: 6" (15.24 cm)

Feedwater Flow Rate

20 gallons (75.7 l)/hour

Salt Rejection

98.4% average (96% min.)


*** Katadyn Watermakers come with a complete installation kit  ***

Data Sheet                      Installation and Operation Manual

KATADYN 40E 12 volt Euros 2,600.00 + VAT if applicable + shipping

24 Volts also available at a small extra cost.


Email: sales@sunshinemaritime.co.uk

Tel/Fax: (0) 870 240 6275 (Please note,this is often on divert please be patient


"The Best Thing Since Rain"

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